Hawk Talk

    Walking  and being in nature helps us, it is refreshing and sometimes we experience mystical things , connections with Gaia and her children, the animals . Depending on the context or purpose of course, we don’t have to go out  tracking wild animals to appreciate their beauty it is respectful to accept that …

Spring In Nettles

A friend of mine who lives in Denmark, seems to know quite a bit about herbs and their usage.Its a detailed an intricate subject. If you are suffering from a disease or have symptoms of a disease then you should seek medical advice and guidance Any information given here is for general interest only.  Last …

Air Waves ( Radio Interview)

Stuart Wilde would appear from time to time on the internet radio station, news for the soul.com which has been running for 18 years now.

Journalistic integrity matters regardless of whether the material is written or spoken.

Nicole Marie Whitney the creator and presenter of the internet radio station has a warm and clear style,her own story is also inspiring .

Radio/audio can be a wonderful medium, like many things depending on its content and usage,it can be cosy ,informative linking up people thousands of miles away.

Below is an interview given to me on newsforthesoul.com


10th March 2015

By Wendy Datta

All rights Reserved