Lark Ascending

October  10th  2022 was the 150  the  anniversary  of  the  brilliant  British  composer Ralph  Vaughan Willaims.

A favorite for  us  is  his  music  “The  Lark  Ascending”  which  brings  happy memories the  ethereal  soaring tones  of  the music show a deep reverence for nature

A small group of  us  in 2018 went  to  an  ancient  neolithic  fortress steeped  in nature  at a  Pegasus  Healing  workshop. Some  of  us  heard the  bird, the Lark ascending it  was our  anthem and it still is.

The  inspiration  for  Vaughan  Williams  was  the poem   “Lark  Ascending  by  George Meredith 1828-1909

“He rises and begins to round,
He drops the silver chain of sound,
Of many links without a break,
In chirrup, whistle, slur and shake.”

So  why  the Warrior  Saint Archangel Angel Michael as

the featured image? The lark like so many song birds, all birds all life on Earth are affected by the increased pollution in the skies , distortions, toxic sprays and radiation. Hideous land turbines chopping and whirring,losses of habitat and food ,clean water and air, eerie toxic street lights .

So we pray and know that the restoration of the Earth, The Renewal will come, is coming in it’s own time divinely guided
more than we mere mortals can ever know. A return to peace, gentleness and compassion the harmony of nature.
So the oppressive interfering reign of fat control
and all it entails, eventually self-destructs the more it restricts and that is long ago foretold and evident.

So we reflect regardless of the insurgence on love, peace beauty ,nature -of which we are connected , a care and reverence for her, the flora and fauna .. Creation and one another.

Thank you.


Written by Wendy Datta
Posted by Wendy Datta
01.01. 23