People Testimonials


“Through remote healing sessions conducted by Wendy; I have been able to attain states of peace, confidence and faith within my being during some of the darkest and most challenging experiences of my life.

These sessions have cleared and worked on my energies and fields in a very natural way, enabling me to develop strength and radiance from within, enhance my environment, protect and empower myself.

From assistance requested as part of my healing, I have been able to achieve a satisfying and natural birth for my son; which was free of fear and involved very little pain or discomfort, even when I had been advised that a C-section would be likely.

Through simple yet very effective guidance and techniques, my spiritual pathway has been rejuvenated and enhanced; I’ve been rewarded with basic practices to build upon, enrich my everyday life and help me evolve further.

Although I’ve been aware of the concepts involved for some time; until this energy work had taken place,

I felt blocked and incapable of actually putting them into practice and living them.”

Theresa SA, Australia

“Wendy kindly did a healing for me,

she cleared away dark resonances that she could see and she blew the golden breath into my third eye, heart chakra and wherever else she could see blockages.

Wendy was very intuitive and kind as she worked with me. She put me at ease but was also very clear about the parts of me that needed to be worked on and healed.

During the healing I saw a blue, purple and golden owl with outstretched wings. I felt humbled to see this beautiful bird.

The golden resonance that Wendy blew into my codes stayed with me for a long time.

It was a very beautiful experience.”


Helen , Kent, England

“It was a great experience for me and a great blessing being able to receive a healing from Wendy. She gave me that understanding of what a crystal clear communication between people feels like. Giving information and hints, that are non-infringing and non-judging for who you are, she won’t push you or expect you to change. That was the greatest freedom I have received from a person. Leading me with a shining light through my darkest places was so gentle and soft, I felt warmth and I saw her light and it warmed me up and made me feel lighter. This healing was a true gift.”


Gayana -Russia.

“At 29 years old I asked for remote healing , at a time I felt very stressed due the pressures of the business I run and relationship issues.

I needed “space” to resolve what I needed to face..

After my remote healing-etheric clearing I felt relief and more at ease ,

I was able to sense more of what I needed to do to help myself.

I had fallen out of balance, and the errors of my past , my conditioning all seemed evident.

I began taking more time for myself , time for self –reflection and realisation, I began focusing on meditation. I started to understand more of what is really important . and what was not , My relatives have noticed a shift in me and I feel more peaceful and balanced.

The remote sessions helped me to find a space within for peace , self healing and balance.

I thoroughly recommend Wendy’s energy work it really helped me.”




“Have done two remote healings with Wendy… Both experience have been wonderful.I have noticed that I have become more softer towards myself and towards people. I feel more calm and in touch with my feelings as well as with other people feelings. I feel more conscious and open towards life and people. I have grown to follow my feelings with each healing I got from Wendy. After the healing I feel happier and focused in life.

Thank you soo much Wendy,”

love Idil O, Canada

Two and a half months ago my mother “ L” suffered a brain hemorrhage ,a stroke in the brain stem and her doctors said it was critical. My mother was numb in her right side, very tired and had high blood pressure. Furthermore she was eating through a probe/tube. While she was in intensive care at the hospital Wendy was contacted by me and asked to do remote healing for her gradually my mother was stabilized and more conscious. She also regained her ability to eat solid food. Due to the hemorrhage my mother also had hallucinations and I feared she would not be herself anymore.

The etheric clearing work with Wendy continued and a week or so after her session my mother’s hallucinations stopped and she was herself again. She still couldn’t feel her right side but her personality was in tact.

Soon afterwards L was transferred to a hospital that specializes in rehabilitation. Initially she required help from two to three people when staff needed to move her from her bed to the wheelchair. She also had problems with her balance.

Wendy worked with L again. Now one person can move her easily from her wheelchair to the bed or another chair and her balance has improved. Furthermore L can stand up and has begun training with a walker so she can get out of the wheelchair. She looks much lighter and peaceful and everyone observes how good she is doing. including her medical team and myself. L also suffered from red eyes after the hemorrhage and now her eyes are normal. Furthermore the doctor has confirmed that her blood pressure is now normal.

Generally my mother has regained her spirit and lust for life .

Thank you Wendy for all your help!”

K.B Denmark

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing you gave me it touched the very core of my heart, spirit mind and body.

I feel in so many ways much better,and my lower back only very occasionally reminds me of your advice to do some exercise to stop it from recurrence.

For me it was an honour to meet you, and a gift to ask you for a healing.

Thank you very much Wendy you are in my heart.”


Heinz.I – Australia


”It was an amazing experience and a big help for me in improving my health.

As soon as the healing began I felt her warm and loving presence. Beautiful colours and visions came into my minds eye and I felt a deep calm and a genuine warmth.

The healings have definitely opened me up and I have felt lighter and more happy since the sessions. Thank you so much Wendy for helping me and for your Warmth and Love.”


A.M, Denmark

“I have known Wendy for quite some years and she has helped me release blocks and etheric attachments that I had simply by looking and blowing at me. A headache went within seconds and the etheric attachments did as well after two short sessions.

Wendy is both very professional and light-hearted in her approach and she knows what she does.”


SK from Germany

“For many years I suffered from anxiety, primarily because of childhood experiences.In situations with the feeling of being alone or a “long away from home” the anxiety could rise to panic.

When I heard some friends of mine, had had a very positive experience with Wendy’s animal healing,I decided to ask Wendy if she could do an energy healing for me.

For several days after the first remote energy clearing – where Wendy in particular worked with the brow chakra, (“I didn’t like what I saw in the past” she said) I experienced a huge release of emotions and vivid dreams, and the experience was followed by a feeling of the anxiety becoming less.

A week after the clearing my husband observed me saying ” I think I have never felt so at ease in my entire life” the anxiety has not disappeared but it is significantly less, and I can keep it at a distance.

Furthermore can be mentioned a noticeable release in my voice immediately after the energy clearing a brown coating on my tongue from a vocal cord oedema which I have had for 8 years disappeared “like dew in the sun”.

With the tools Wendy gave me – visualisations / meditation etc. I am able to expand my limits in being alone and “far away from home” without panic.

Thank you for your help Wendy.”

B.L Denmark