Postcard: Californian Butterflies

Dear Reader, a friend of mine sent me  a  “Postcard”-Californian Butterflies. A post card, sent  from a sun drenched  garden in north America aka “The Royal Gardens” for it hosts magnificent  humming birds  and  nurtures  splendid  creatures. I  am  like  many people  collecting postcards from different parts  of the  world. Butterflies  are an increasingly …

Podcast: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hello everyone welcome to Pegasus Healing Podcast series.

How Does Your  Garden  Grow? is the theme.

Our guest is Dr. Robert Mullis Co-coordinator of The Wessex Research Group

in  a dialogue about aligning to nature,the theme is

familiar  to those who attend the Pegasus  Healing workshops.

The  featured  image is of a dry stone wall, more on  dry stone walls in the podcast.

Curious? then please join us.

Click the purple start button below to listen. We hope you enjoy it.

Wendy Datta

Posted  March 2018

Shades Of Leaves:Thank You!

Thank you everyone who has  supported the work of Pegasus Healing. It’s like shades of leaves our lives our work. A cycle of growth and development, of colours, textures movement, stillness.   The  project has  helped one to understand  gratitude and service in  a deeper way, I have been moved by the kind words and sentiments expressed. Thank you particularly those who have  …

Vibrational Change

Dear Reader, Stuart Wilde described the spiritual journey as “heroic”. Lets face it there are so many things in life that can hold us back if we give up, It was humbling to meet with a group of people recently- warm people. at the Pegasus Healing workshop “Vibrational Change” Most of us were able to …

Sun Lights

Dusk & Dawn Respectively At Uluru Australia A lady I know almost seems to have wings on her feet, she works hard in her particular occupation and enjoys travel when she can. In this post is a series of photographs from her. When we face challenges its important not to let this eclipse our inner light …

Spring In Nettles

A friend of mine who lives in Denmark, seems to know quite a bit about herbs and their usage.Its a detailed an intricate subject. If you are suffering from a disease or have symptoms of a disease then you should seek medical advice and guidance Any information given here is for general interest only.  Last …