Energy Clearing, Readings & Consultations For People:

With regard to people the services available from Wendy Datta these are not designed to replace medical diagnosis , medical  treatment or advice. If you are suffering  from a physical or psychological condition or  you have symptoms  then you must seek medical advice.

Energy Clearing, Reading & Consultations For Animals:

With regard to animals the services available from Wendy Datta are not designed to replace veterinary diagnosis or treatment. Neither are they designed to replace veterinary advice. If your animal is exhibiting symptoms of disease or suspected disease you must consult a vet for veterinary diagnosis and treatment. The law permits hands on healing with veterinary consent.


All services and or products  offered on this site are general in nature,
Provided for interest, educational  and energetic purposes only.

Reference to fractal codes and energy clearing has not been subjected to clinical trials, or substantiated by them.
Neither is  remote clearing  or any service  or product offered  on  pegasus-animal-healing.com  a promise express or implied of salvation or cure, it is an expression of the view of the author of pegasus-animal-healing.com.