Pegasus Healing


Pegasus Healing is a resource for energy work healing  for both people and  animals we also offer workshops.

Based in Somerset England,  Wendy can work both locally , nationally and internationally.

Wendy works with both people and animals to assist  them with the process of  healing in a multi-dimensional way.

Her work with animals involves animal communication.

Healing is about change, when a person or animal heals they change the way they feel.

The physical , mental and spiritual factors which affect health  all work together in harmony ,so if one element is out of balance it will  affect the other element.

Healing and self-healing are connected for in order to enjoy harmonious change, alignment to self nurture and well being is  key, whatever the starting point may be.

  • Energy clearing and  energy work consultations can assist self  healing
  • Can assist  with issues of physical, and non physical well being
  • Can  assist  with life changes for people and  animals
          Wendy Datta

Born in London, England,  Wendy Datta began her working life as a secondary school biology teacher. She worked as a teacher in London, with a period also teaching in an international school in Holland.

Wendy then studied microbiology and gained experience in a hospital laboratory in south-east London. She later qualified   as a lawyer, a barrister .

Wendy continued to develop  her  interest in metaphysics and the link with science .Whilst browsing  in a bookshop in 1998 Wendy came across a book by Stuart Wilde and immediately became fascinated by its content and lucidity. She read  many  more of  his  books and  met him at a metaphysical seminar in 1999 and  continued to follow his work

  • In 2003 Wendy met an experienced energy healer and  teacher .Wendy  received training from the lady at  her Reiki and Seichem  Healing Centre in England  to Master Teacher Certification  level in 2004 .
  • In  2007, Wendy  was able to  attend Stuart Wilde’s  lectures and seminars and began in depth study with him. http://www.stuartwilde.com/2012/11/the-celestial-breath-2/
  • Wendy continued  her energy  work training  in 2008 and  in 2009  began  working  with  people,

Wendy’s  view is  that  everything is connected, biology and  the ancient  wisdoms

rooted in  a  care and  respect  for  nature.

Whilst in Spain Wendy was asked to help animals including  those which been abused and neglected.

Some of the shelters where she assisted  had close links with an experienced veterinary practice and Wendy was able to see and work with a variety of conditions with the animals on both physical emotional and psychological levels,The stories of some of these animals can be found in the testimonials section of the website.

Wendy’s real love is the animals., she began horse riding  aged 5 and works  with equines of  various kinds and situations as you will see when you look at the  films and  material on this site.

Wendy is an intuitive visionary with a rare ability to communicate with the animals.

Some of the visions  Wendy  has concerning the animals guide her healing ability and what in particular they need.