Of Light And Lanterns

  I  have always  found natural  light  on water- rivers  and  the sea very  beautiful,  sunlight, moonlight  starlight, like lanterns. “Lanterns” is  the  name  of  a recent  audio from Pegasus  Healing. Some  years  ago  I  heard  a  mysterious  gong  in  the  aluna  mirror  world it evoked   courage and  strength  yet  was  also foreboding. We  wanted …

Bird Song In The Rain

Dear Reader

a friend of nature recorded this beautiful chorus of bird song in the rain

on an English summer evening deep in the countryside.

We are grateful for the beauty and strength of Gaia.

We have no need to dominate and oppress and understand  Gaia will reclaim the earth

for nature, the animals and the children just as Stuart Wilde

told us long ago.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful expression of nature as much as we have.

Listening to the primordial sound of water-  rain and the natural bird song can be

as a  meditation helping to achieve more peace

Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 20th June 2017

Recorded by J D Video

All rights reserved.

Sun Lights

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