Hawk Talk




Walking  and being in nature helps us, it is refreshing and sometimes we experience mystical things , connections with Gaia and her children, the animals . Depending on the context or purpose of course, we don’t have to go out  tracking wild animals to appreciate their beauty it is respectful to accept that by going out into nature we may or may not see them we don’t have to force or control anything .

The animals will come to us if they wish to or we will be able to see them from a distance and we can appreciate their beauty , its not about imposing ourselves upon the animals any more than it would be with people.The most magical encounters are those which simply unfold as the animal or animals decide to remain for awhile and observe or connect with us if they wish.

I  recently received a note from a friend named John from the USA whom I have known for several years now .  He has travelled to many a far and distant land and is a quiet and respectful person.

He writes about his subsequent connection with the hawk after reading an article about  them in the pegasus-animal -healing.com Newsletter (  “The Hawk” article is posted on the Blog -July 4th 2014) what John says is perceptive .


   Dear Wendy,

   I wanted to share an experience I had after reading your
  newsletter last year. One of the articles posted was about the
  Hawk. After reading through the article I felt
  a strong connection to what was written.

  A few days after reading the article, on my daily walk,
 I looked up and saw a Hawk standing on a branch in a tree. 
The bird was no more than 15 to 20 feet from me.
 What was so interesting about this experience is
  that this was the first time I had ever remembered seeing
 a Hawk in this area where I was living at the time. I had done
 the same walk dozens of times an had never seen a Hawk before.

  The other interesting experience was that we shared several
 moments of stillness together. Usually, whenever I come into 
close contact with any kind of bird, the bird will fly away
 within a few seconds. But this time was different. It was almost 
like we shared a feeling connection that lasted several minutes.

   Am not sure if this is correct, but I attribute the experience 
  to having read the article in your newsletter. Through reading
 about the Hawk somehow I was able to bring the energy into
 my experience. After that day, over the course of the next two
 months or so, there were similar encounters that I had with the Hawk
 during other walks. I believe it was the same Hawk 
 every time.

  It was another reminder of how there is no separation
 and connecting with nature is simply aligning to the
 feeling and resonance of her. So I just wanted to share 
 the experience and thank you for sending the newsletter.

 Take good care.

 Much love,



“Hawk Talk ”

Posted March 2nd 2015

Hawk photograph reproduced by kind permission

of  The hawk & Owl Trust (UK)


© WendyDatta