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A unique opportunity  to join Pegasus Healing , E- Course for people about  self-healing

, Connectivity, Nature and the Animals..

I am really loving the course. It is very interesting and I have been learning lots of new things about nature, animals and myself. At times, it is not easy and some of it is challenging and definitely taking me beyond my comfort zone –  So, this is a good thing! And the material is just so rich to explore and reflect on. Very very engaging.”

The course is currently closed now for new  applications.

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New Pegasus  Healing Podcast Series

Wendy interviewed on  Frome Community Radio Show

Wendy interviewed on News For The Soul



See Blog postAnimal Healing &Commuication

See  film “New Life ” in the Blog post below.

Animal Feelings An Introduction

film clip “New Breed Haven”

Refresh- Connect with the beauty of Nature flm- The River’s Way



  •  Meditation Audio download  Journey To Zero: Inner Calm: Waterfall Meditation

For those readers in the European Union outside the UK  the meditation audio

Journey To Zero Inner Calm is now available in CD format and  can be purchased.

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