Energy Clearing And Communication For Animals

Animal Healing

 Wendy works to assist animals with self-healing for physical and or behavioural issues.
As an Animal Communicator an “Animal Whisperer” Wendy communicates intuitively with the inner feelings of animals often building closer relationships with them and their owners, facilitating a deeper understanding between them.




 Perceiving the multi dimensional  reality, Wendy uses her intuitive and visionary abilities to remove blocks and binds that can form in the animal’s energy field.
The energy clearings work to speed up the animal’s vibrational rate.They can experience deep changes and beneficial energy shifts in both their physical, emotional and spiritual self. Its a holistic approach which as a result can assist self healing of sickness and imbalance. The healing sessions Wendy provides are a combination of intuitive energy readings and energy clearings.



Wendy has been asked to help animals in various conditions and situations including  animal sanctuaries and shelters see testimonials.
Chimo 7 cesar
The  relationship between people and animals can be very harmonious and deep bonds can form  between them where there is respect, common sense and unconditional love.
“…Thank you for sharing your gift with us and giving us the opportunity to assist our pets in healing and having a joyful, playful life.”
(Janelle,North  Carolina,USA)
Whether people require remote  energy clearing sessions or hands on sessions and communication for their animals, they work as a team with Wendy.
Wendy perceives the subtle energy field, of an animal or person and reads the energy codes and signatures clearing and assisting an animal’s self healing.
Having trained with Khris Krepcik and Stuart Wilde to develop her own natural healing abilities,  in addition to  local work, she can provide remote clearing from any physical distance.

 Animal communication and energy clearing can help with :

  • Developing an enhanced understanding between animals and their owners
  •  Promotion of physical, mental and emotional well being
  • Reduction of mental and physical stress related conditions and trauma
  • Recovery issues
  • Life Change issues- bereavement,  change of location
  • Training- help you to understand you animals needs as a precursor and accompaniment to training
  • Help with fear issues to aid peace on transition