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Journey To Zero Inner Calm- The Peace Key Meditation

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Journey To Zero Inner Calm- Waterfall Meditation


The Waterfall is a guided meditation audio download to assist you to relax, meditate and let go -Inner Calm.
The audio features the music of Scott Meadows of

The first track is a gentle vocal upon a soft musical background which takes you on an inner journey to a waterfall, the vocal ends with 25 minutes of uninterrupted Mystical Drums.

Journey to Zero Inner Calm has a second track , Mystical Drums, so the guided meditation can be used on its own for those wanting a vocal track to assist them and the separate Mystical Drums track can also be used on its own without any vocal depending on which one you would like to work with at the time.

Another feature is that if you have had experience of pets trying to interrupt your meditation depending on the circumstances ,you may find that pets also enjoy the audio.

[Please note that as of 1st  January 2015 the audio Journey To Zero Inner Calm : Waterfall Meditation  audio download will not be  available from this site  to anyone residing in any European Union Country other than the U.K

However the meditation can be purchased as a CD  for  EU residents outside the UK. please contact us.

If you are resident in the U.K or a  country outside the European Union ( EU) then you may purchase  the audio download

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The meditation is for quiet use at home or a place where you will not be disturbed,whist using it. It is not to be used whilst driving,  or operating machinery, its for  when you are able to set aside time to use it in a peaceful way that is  meditation.



Journey To Zero: Inner Calm
By Wendy Datta With Music By Scott Meadows
© Wendy Datta 2014 All Rights Reserved unauthorized copying
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or broadcast are prohibited.  The introduction leaflet  is also the copyright of Wendy Datta All rights  reserved.


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JTZ: The Peace Key-Now available