Energy Clearing For People


Everything is energy, what people think and feel affects them in energy clearing for people Wendy uses her intuitive and visionary abilities to help clear energy blocks during energy clearing sessions.


The clearings  work to help speed up a person’s vibrational rate. They can experience deep changes and beneficial energy shifts in both their physical, emotional and spiritual self. Its a holistic approach.

 The energy clearings  ( etheric clearing)) offered by Wendy can work as a key to  help people self- heal  and overcome emotional blockages, created by life’s knocks, the human mind and its emotions.

harmony the  relationship between our physical emotional and spiritual self

help people self heal

The enhancement of a persons life force energy can be experienced as an increased sense of well being.

Healing is about change and transformation, each person is responsible for their own development.

“..thank you for the healing. I didn’t quite know what to expect going into it. However it went beyond all my expectations.Lots of stuff came up that I was unaware of but now I can hopefully put it to bed and move on. So thank you so much.

Jake  UK.

Energy clearing sessions can assist people with the bringing into awareness and harmony the relationship between our physical emotional and spiritual self for they are interconnected.

 Sometimes people may receive inner guidance about their life and their spiritual journey.

“Thank you Wendy for my Etheric Clearing. I am truly grateful and blessed for the care you took.

I felt lighter, happier and stronger in myself and a balance has been restored.

Thank you for the feedback it was a great help to see where needed attention, and for the suggestions to help change old patterns .”

D.C.  Ireland