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Energy Clearing for Animals and People. Assisting Self Healing And Harmony

 Wendy Datta 

 Animal Whisperer – Healer – Visionary


Everything is energy,what people think and feel affects them.Wendy works with both people and animals on a multi-dimensional level.

Deep changes and  beneficial energy shifts can be experienced on  physical, emotional and  spiritual levels.

Its a holistic approach.

…I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing you gave me.It touched the very core of my heart,spirit, mind and body.”  Heinz -Australia.

”…. I think I have never felt so at ease in my entire life….Thank you for all your help Wendy

BL Denmark

To find out more about energy work see the introductory film ” New Beginnings “  which is about animal healing and communication..

You may also select People or Animal Healing in the Healing section above.  poste.


How The Healings Work

At its deepest level nature and all reality are made up of geometries and mathematics that we call fractal codes. Fractal geometry is the geometry of nature.

When a person or an animal gets sick, the fractal codes in the cells of their body darken and the symmetry breaks. Perceiving the subtle energy field Wendy reads energy codes and signatures within the subtle energy body and works to help restore the natural balance in the codes of people and animals.

Wendy was taught by the late mystical author Stuart Wilde to “see” the codes via inner sight. The healing work referred to in the official website of Wendy Datta, was encouraged and inspired by him.   Wendy  can provide remote clearing from any physical distance.

“So what looks like a miraculous healing is in fact totally logical, it’s a simple rearrangement of of mathematical formulas.” – Stuart Wilde