Year Two: Invitation

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Thank you and well done as you near completion  of  Year One of The Alliance With Gaia Course

which  ends this month.

Some of you  have reported  increased awareness and joy at connecting with animals and nature at a deeper level than before.

Most have reported the course taking them beyond their comfort zones to incorporate more learning  and awareness.


Each person  determines their own stance. We all learn from one another .

We leave behind antagonistic sentiments  , we do our best to

develop  more calm and consolidation amidst at times a wobbly sea of”fluffy” animal

culture on one hand and disdain on the other.

There is more awareness and good things happening  around us which truly inspire.

We work to increase our own perception , develop our energy and align to nature and wholeness


The Alliance With Gaia

E- Course  By Wendy Datta  Part Two.


The Alliance With Gaia is a journey which  builds with each  article and its exercises,

there will be 11 Articles x1  per month. Part Two begins at Passage Twelve.


The course builds upon  Year One  and is about developing a deepening heart centred approach to animals,

nature and one another and developing our skills of perception and discernment.

.The heart is not about sentimentality it’s about a gift, a deep intuitive intelligence beyond intellect.


. Course Delivery

  • There will be information and exercises to assist personal development and “connections” via  PDF we will also use the Blog, video and audio.
  • Each course member will be able to book a personal review session by skype with Wendy
  • The review sessions will be available after at least 3 articles have been worked with in sequence.
  • Each course member will need to have preferably an A4 note book to record their observations and  responses to exercises,In addition to  perceptions and information which may come to them.
  • Each course member will have the opportunity if they wish to present their own  practical, connecting with nature concise case study , guidelines will be available different from Year One which was a foundation.
  • By the end of the course you should have a deeper understanding of connectivity and communication in nature and have developed further your own perception skills, discernment  and your connection to nature and the animals which can assist you.


Payment is confirmation of registration.

You will have on payment 14 days to cancel your  registration  if you wish, there will be no refunds once the course has begun.

The material available for the course are the copyright of Wendy Datta and their respective owners and  may not be posted or  used for any purpose other than personal private study.

Please keep any passwords to private links which will be available at certain points during the course confidential, for your own use only.



If you would like to proceed then please make your payment of £350  via

the  donation link on  the website.

Thank  You

The journey continues come if you can.