Workshop- Connectivity & Communication


nikki 7 exmoor

At our workshop “Connectivity And Communication we had a field trip to an extraordinary  Small Holding with rare breed animals , close to a nature reserve and also to a beautiful hamlet deep in nature.

None of the animals we visit are”trained”for workshops specifically they do their own thing and we connect with them in respectful ways.

The 2 Exmoor ponies are from an ancient gene pool, a rare breed .A vet has described the ponies as “like 2 little rhinos” , they have a strong stance and can charge.

The connection with our group was good, they kept close by and communication was  made.

We share some photos and comments about the workshop:

“Beautiful settings, the workshop was challenging and insightful”

D – London, ”

I enjoyed the workshop a lot”

k -London. ”

The walk exercise was incredibly powerful, interesting and useful to experience

” N-Wiltshire.

We have produced some Resonance Cards which were available at the workshop. They are designed to give people a tool to connect with  based on specific posts Wendy has written on this site, for intuition and  many things if you would like a set please email me at they are £9.99 plus postage.We have had some good feedback.

Thank you







We were able to experience and learn quite a bit by connectivity and communication on various levels.





The 2 Labradors  had a field day and never seemed to tire.



A curious and pregnant heffer  pictured above from

a diary herd climbed up the grassy slope to meet us.




Learning  Acceptance.











We All Made Connections





We enjoyed the beautiful autumn roses which fragranced a path at the Small Holding and whose vibrant colour helped light our path. Thank you to all those who shared that time.




Posted by Wendy Datta

24th October 2015

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by Gavin Cassidy

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by Jon Durrant

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