Wolf And Purrfect Harmony

Dear Readers,

a celestial wolf appeared at a window,

the wolf, serene and immovable, it could see right through windows

and dark places- the odious revealed by the alert.

those words repeated.

The celestial wolf is a protector, next I saw below the wolf, ghouls who were special

cold and cruel who fed off the life force of others. The ghouls were immobilized.  The wolf had contained them, the pain and fear they had tried to wield over others had eventually trapped them.

“If you focus on importance, evil, control and darkness, it starts to come towards you from an inner world that you can’t see. It’s the Jungian shadow coming to find you…All evil meets a bigger evil up ahead…….”


.”.We’ll be free to breathe God’s love. “Purrrrfect in every way”said the cat”

Stuart Wilde.



So we carry on as best we can and work to clear our own shadow and embrace the kind and gentle things in this life.






Written by Wendy Datta

Wolf picture “Grey Wolf

by Tobias Illustrations reproduced

by kind permission of Tobias Illustrations

Posted by Wendy Datta

7th December 2016

Copyright Wendy Datta

All rights reserved.