My dog Wishes was 14 years old at the time. She was ailing a lot because she had arthritis, bronchitis and a skin condition. She had been with me since my childhood. I took her to more than one vet for treatment and she did not like all the antibiotics.Well…she only liked the ones that were sweet. It was a challenge because I wanted her to be happy and free of pain. I visited the website thehoodedsage.com a lot and this time I managed to see the link to Ms. Datta’s site. She has a very kind and gentle face and I’d heard Stuart Wilde talk about his travels with many of his friends so I immediately knew she could help Wishes.

I sent in the pictures and did not know what to expect as I only have one dog and had never done this before. Wishes got her spirit back. She used to sleep all the time, but after the healing she began to walk around more often. She would follow me everywhere, even climbing up the steps without hesitation, because, before the healing she would think twice and stop. She lay down where she could see outside with her head in an upright position. She suddenly had a brighter spirit and seemed happier. Before the healing, she coughed a lot because of the bronchitis but after the healing both her coughing and wheezing eased a lot. She walked around the garden easily. She had so much energy she seemed not to know what to do with it. It was unexpected for her. It seemed her spirit for adventure had returned.Sometimes I would look at her just walking around in contrast to the times she always slept. She would just walk and walk because her limbs, I believe, became stronger. I could tell she felt good.

Thank you Ms Datta for the great work you did. You healed Wishes on her journey. I felt privileged to have anything to do with facilitating the healing. Now Wishes has passed on and I’m happy Ms Datta was able to provide her with comfort during her time here.

Thank you again


Trinidad West Indies

Posted July 4th 2014

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