White Rabbit & The Jabberwocky

Nonsense  rhymes-   the Jabberwocky a mystical  creature?  nonsense….

But  surely sense if  one  takes  time  to  consider  and  study…

The  Jabb- er- wocky  a dragon .

The  warnings were  given Lewis Carroll  wrote  so  brilliantly in Alice  Through The  Looking  Glass

For  me  and perhaps  you too.

It’s  all about  imagination and  the possibilities  of things  ancient  archetypes.

The  battle  between  good  and evil,  the light and the dark.

It’s  about  dis-spelling  fear  and  having  a giggle  too don’t  you feel?

Certainly  surreal times  but then.”.Times  have  always  been surreal” says the White Rabbit.

I  quite agree says  the Cat  Person. The  Cat  Person  and  White  Rabbit  are focused and clear the

the Jabberwocky  is  kept  away an  eventually slain.

A stance  of  discipline  and detachment, care , compassion

Keep informed whilst  you can , keep your wits about you  deception

is  covert If  you have  not  worked  on the  less than authentic  parts  of  yourself, then you

cannot  see. Beware of  arrogance.. those who help now are  humble  and  knowledgeable

honour  yourself  honour  them for  their  sacrifice  and  care.. rejoice  at  naturalness..

Preserve  what  you can  of  beauty ,  the  3  Graces  in this  parenthesis,   It  comes  from  the heart  now   is  time before the  sand in  the hour glass is all but  spent.

There are no replays.

Now  for  the Jabberwocky:



Fun  eh!

Posted  and written  by Wendy Datta

All respective  rights  reserved.

Cat Person makeup by Jessie Walwyn