Vibrational Change

Dear Reader,

Stuart Wilde described the spiritual journey as “heroic”.

Lets face it there are so many things in life that can hold us back if we give up,

It was humbling to meet with a group of people recently- warm people.

at the Pegasus Healing workshop “Vibrational Change”

Most of us were able to make a run for it chuckle and move towards

a stronger and clearer vibrational change as part of our healing journey.

Here is what people have said:about the Vibrational Change workshop:


Wendy,we all feel stronger .happy and humbled once more.
Thank you for another wonderful journey.”
“Very enjoyable venues different each time.
Guest Speakers-Good information delivered in a passionate way.

Practical Exercises-Powerful this was very good to experience”


“Very good energy..feeling so much better”


“Very deep at times”


.“I love you Wendy! Thank you for working and contributing with your  energy!


“I always very much enjoy the workshops. The energies come-in so strong in the exercises

in nature and in the room…I learned the energy of the owls so close to me”


“Most amazing trees, flowers the sunshine beautiful…the owls taught me how

to be immoveable but loving within.”


Peoples vibrational resonance can be many things, neutral, disruptive, healing

and this can be felt and experienced by others including the animals.

One of our group read the energies of people before and after certain exercises

we did in nature, for example, seeemngly simple things ,though there were deep

changes for those open to self-healing..


Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour more so after years of metaphysical

studies and endeavours  yet we feel compassion for ourselves and others

when we find ourselves erring,slipping on yet more shadow

and ego “banana skins”.

Seeing and then owning,them is how we learn there is no contest.

For many years Stuart told us about the “Three Graces”it is central to our progress

and understanding I believe..

A rigid stance in defiance of these  gentle yet powerful ways can be linked

to “nip and tuck” of a person’s shadow  Meaning  nothing has really

been done other than superficial changes which can flip

dark big time.

The projection of unprocessed anger and  disdain on  to others for example

can manifest in various ways an operates as a false fix seeking approval

in dubious ways , so thus avoiding  having to to make any change at all.

A person can  bump themselves out of feeling good by harbouring resentments,

blocking out good feeling thoughts. Tune to good feeling thoughts  and go into nature

as often as you can into softness and non judgement.

” I feel so sad for spiritual seekers, those who feel crushed by events.

If only they knew how the odds were stacked against them; how the forces for darkness

influenced people to make sure they failed.There is a spiritual plan unfolding for your life

and that plan is part of a greater plan for all humanity. What side of the coin you fall,

light or dark, only you can say. But we are all in church all of the time,

sometimes behaving badly, sometimes behaving respectfully. Our spiritual

bank statement is just about to plop through the letterbox……”

” If you do not head the opposite way toward goodness,then the darkness will envelop

you because it will seem exciting and you’ll fall for it. For the dark of others

around you will embolden the dark within you, giving it strength and bringing it out,

and you will become ever more dark. You will fall through your own

Schwarzschild’s event horizon never to escape.”


The aim for us via  simplicity was to adjust to good feeling thoughts,

just like tuning a radio. The God force is so resplendent in nature vibrant  colours ,

smells sounds  textures and wild life, nature it does not judge and that is why

its so divine and cleanses one.


mayworkshop 2017 HeavensGate










We like to work in small groups,


When the morph comes in we can’t hide it illuminates our souls..

“Protection comes from real goodness and a deep inner humility.

It is a gift from God, the promise of the final resurrection for the redeemed soul. The one that has see the gates of hell and their part in it, and has walked away, back toward  goodness and forgiveness.

I don’t see it as a biblical thing, more a psychological, spiritual process.

It’s the day you admit you are an arrogant slob and that you think you are better

than everyone else. It’s where you see how mean you really are; how you sought

the abundance of God and nickel and dimed everyone else. It was how you wanted

freedom, while imprisoning others. It’s where you sought love, relationships and openness,

while you pushed people away. Then you made the failure their fault.

They weren’t good enough for you, were they? It was where you wanted

acceptance while offering others the cold shoulder. It’s where you spoke

of truth while accepting the false evidence of your mind without

question. Do you remember any of this?”Protection comes from real goodness

and a deep inner humility”.


Stuart  Wilde

So the “Nip an tuck” of the shadow will not serve us it goes splat in the end as you know.

Now is the time to appreciate  all the good things we have in life and know

that even when things appear “pear shaped” we can transcend

the  weight of  mental an emotional blocks.

Humility and the the 3 Graces guide us to the Celestial light

Posted .May 26th 2017

Written by Wendy Datta

All rights reserved