Unconditional Love


Unconditional love is boundless it wants nothing for itself, its soft and accepting,

compassionate non -judgemental and forgiving.The deer symbolises kindness,softness

unconditional love, it also can be a power animal a path finder.

The Stag, in the Gaelic culture for example is linked to the sacredness of the Magical Forest,

known as the King of the Forest, the protector of its creatures.


I  include a quote here from an article Stuart Wilde wrote called:


“Will Love Triumph?”


…”Love, expressed as a sentiment, is invisible. Love expressed overtly in the form

of acts of kindness and compassion, are not usually dramatic. They are often silent

unobtrusive actions, performed by kind people who don’t need hoopla and recognition.

Negativity, expressed internally is hatred, and externally it is seen in the emotional,

intellectual, and physical violence, which is reported day-to-day…

Don’t lose your cool and remember the light is winning, and if your nation is led

into a spiral of hatred and war, detach from it and keep reminding yourself it’s

the work of the satanic minority. They are pre-programmed to collapse and they will.

Meanwhile keep expressing love as much as possible, while always keeping one eye

on the back door just in case.”


We know that love heals and that it is the most powerful force in the Universe

it is our challenge to connect with love and not get swept away by the tides

of  hate and fear that can engulf.

We don’t have to condone certain behaviours in detaching from the emotional wave,

becoming more authentic and addressing our shadow selves.

Through self-acceptance and self- forgiveness we can extend love and acceptance

to other humans and the animals.

The presence of the Stag in the aluna is very humbling it is so very soft and

yet powerful.

We can turn away from the egos incessant demands and the mayhem

of the global shadow and align to the energy of unconditional love

its resonance can return people to the light..


Written by:

Wendy Datta

Posted   May7th 2016

All rights reserved