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Dear Readers,

during the May workshop ” How Does You Garden Grow”,  we connected with nature and the animals in a  respectful way. no mind “stuff” , no infringing  there was openness and acceptance.

A lady member of our Group was met at the railway station en route to  the Workshop by a pigeon with one leg,  the pigeon landed and settled on her suitcase case  as she made the final lap of the journey from  the airport to the venue.  .She felt it was a good sign and so did we.

A few of us saw owls at night and we were very glad.

Through discipline and unconditional love really,  authentic connections are made.  We experienced two high energy Farms , one for animals , where my friend is a wonderful home maker for her rescue animal family and a high energy  Farm kept for flora with an amazing regard for the wild animals who  live in that area,  from moles to deer who are able to share the land in harmony and in a practical way with its human custodians.

The Renewal which Stuart Wilde told us about has already begun , we are linking in with this and were very grateful to experience examples of the work in action and to learn what we can. The Alliance with Gaia is building and for us humans it is warmth  and a regard for nature and the animals for whom we share this planet with.

The animals we encountered at the Farm were very glad to connect with all those in the Group.

On the first evening of the workshop a handsome  cross border red  terrier arrived  to meet and greet,  we needed to meditate and go deeper into calmness and stillness,  tic toc  takes it toll  though its our  very own mind  and emotions which can  also make us feel  drained.

“How to Heal  Mind” ” How to Heal Emotion  writings by Khris krepcik of the Hooded Sage are very helpful  to read.


How to Heal Emotion


Thank you so much to all those who attended the Workshop and to those interested in the work .

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Here are some Workshop  testimonials and  some photos below:


” A really  unique and fascinating experience. It offered me an opportunity to meet like minded people and animals. It was a very  humbling experience  to meet the animals , to see the damage done and to see the positive results of healing , love and acceptance”

Both Farms were interesting and unique”.

..”I am not sure what I  was expecting but it more than exceeded  what I  had hoped for”

“N”  Uk

“I have learned to be more aware of my connection to the animals. To appreciate all the animals in my life and be grateful

I feel a new way in life may be opening for me. Time will show. Thank you  for the seminar . I am very grateful . A great experience”

“S” from   Scandinavia


” I feel this Workshop has helped me start to heal  my lack of trust”

“D”- UK

“Highly recommended”

Lynt -UK

“Both Farm visits were excellent, the seminar simple,  and powerful a wonderful experience.

“G” UK”.

“Dear Wendy.

I would like to express my gratitude for your workshop. I learned so much about how to relate

to animals and nature in a respectful way.

Using your Waterfall audio Meditation, I feel more connected and I am  continuing to receive insights about myself since the workshop.

Thank You.

Dave UK













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Posted May 16th 2015

Written by Wendy Datta

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