The Snow Cat

Dear  Reader,

the words snow  cat  has  frequently come  to mind recently.

Not  only  the  magnificent  Lynx in  the featured image but  also

because Jessie and  Sammy made  a beautiful snow cat in the  yard

the  other  week

What  fun! they were giggling and  smiling as they helped to give it form

It’s  whiskers  are twigs it  stands  strong in  these  times.

It  stands  with it’s  back to the wall but  that  won’t deter it  or  any

of  it’s  kind.

Water can  be  solid, liquid or  gas and  there is  even  a  fourth  phase between  solid  and  liquid

form, so what if the  snow cat  melts it will always  be  there.

Thoughts  have  a fractal form and  many believe they can think and  act in ice cold ,

and  oppressive  ways without  there  being an  effect  on them personally.

There always is  a  karmic  effect.

It happens  as  an  entrapment of  self.  A lock down in those cold  cruel hell worlds.

Long  ago it was  fore told that those  who lead into  captivity shall be  led into captivity.

The cats  are  powerful in the mirror  world and  wipe  out  dark energies.

It takes a  life time  it seems  to work on clearing our own darkness, we  are never perfect  but

realization it  seems  can  be  a redemption,  to humbly get  on with best  endeavors and

detach  from the  high strangeness, the inversions. and  divisions  orchestrated  to cause

confusion, fear  and  aggression .

Animals  lose their health and  habitat  lives through  the  disdain  of  humanity, cutting  down

mature trees, polluting water,  disrupting  the ecosystem through selfish hunting

and   destructive practices.

More and  more  pollutants seen,   and  unseen, electromagnetic frequency emissions

abound affecting  water molecules for  example  of  which  we  are substantially  composed

and for  which  we rely for life giving  processes.

Selfishness  fat control,wars. inversions  are not required We  reflect on  The  Three Graces

as  Stuart   Wilde told  us Tenderness,Generosity  and  Respect they

supplant  nonsense.

It’s  not  all doom and  gloom for  what  is known and  certainly it  is known can be healed.

We  like  the lynx  the snow  cat and  celebrate  all that  we do have and  feel much gratitude

to those who help with  conservation  and  protection of  wild life habitats , without  agendas.

Those who  would  never slaughter endangered  birds of  prey to assist

human “hunters” on  their  land.

The  birds,  the  bees,  trees  are  being  destroyed  deliberately by  “orcs”

daring  to  mock the celestial by  blocking  the sun poisoning  the  Earth and  other  things.

The orcs  fall  as do all linked with  them by the  light  of  the  God  Force

which  fries  the  darkness,

We  learned  much  from  an organic  vineyard owner

who always  leaves  a  certain  amount of  fruit  for  the birds

and  uses no  pesticides.

“There is  an enough  for  everyone ” he  said. reverently as  he  showed  us  the  grounds  and  a butterfly landed  on his  waist coat. . Respecting  nature,  the birds   the bees,  butterflies

pollinators,  the  beauty  of  the ecosystem  without  the  affronts  of  fat  control is  a  joy  to  behold.

Fat  control has no reverence for  anything , it  cares for  it’s  own vampiric  ways.

The  storm troopers boots  clump along   attempting  to silence  questions, concerns,  open

debate, also trying to alter commonsense meanings of  things.

The  ancient  wisdom’s  hold for all-times.

I  don’t  agree that  Angels  use  flying  saucers.

though   the message in the video is  very inspiring.

The Native American culture has  much wisdom.


We  are very glad  also for  those who are  warm and  kind

with commonsense  and  a sense of  humor.


Thank  you .



Posted by Wendy Datta

Dated  15th  February  2019

Copyright Wendy Datta

All rights  reserved