The River’s Way- Film

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“The River’s Way” from is a short film taken along a river’s path through woodland on a bright spring day.

We can learn many things from the way of water and how it flows naturally in  nature.

Nature is  healing ,refreshing and pure, to be at one with nature is to be silent and still , to not plunder or cause harm .

Many children now are learning  the new and also ancient way of  knowledge ,respect and appreciation  for nature with forest schools and nature reserve works shops all helping.

The work of respectful conservationists help us all including the children of today and future generations.

Nature is part of the spirit of the Earth, Gaia,  its a  blessing  to connect with nature and humbling too.

The Tao Te Ching –  “The Way” or “The Path is an ancient book of wisdom imbued with a deep reverence for nature .
 It is believed to have been written  between the 4th and  6th century BC in ancient China by the Chinese  Sage Lao Tzu, 
“All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are. humility gives it its power…”


“Let your way be as the way of water  running deep and filled with peace.

Do not struggle or compete.Go with the flow and be serene”

(Tao te Ching)

Sometimes we cannot always be in nature but we can recall how it feels.

The meditation audio Journey To Zero: Inner Calm:Waterfall , with music by Scott Meadows  is also available in the Tools section of this website and it can  be used to compliment  “The River’s Way”  in your quiet meditation time.







The Rivers Way from Wendy Datta

Posted  by Wendy Datta

7th June 2015


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