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“The Rescued Ones”

If you have rescued animals as pets or keep larger animals providing them with care and sanctuary or have helped support them in any way.. thank you so much .


Here is what Nina says:
I have a small animal shelter and Gracie, a 16.2 hands  5 yr old mare was brought to me just days before she was due to be euthanized
I do not know all the details of Gracie’s background other than she had thrown off a variety of riders and was classified as “dangerous”.
To be fair when she arrived she was a complete liability to handle. She was extremely nervous and did not want anyone to touch her let alone put a head collar on her. When being led she would be terrified of everything she walked past and would literally jump on top of you in fear of any noise or movement around her.
When Wendy first came to see Gracie I was very concerned to let her lead Gracie around in case she was trampled on by the horse.
Wendy took plenty of time talking quietly with Gracie in the stable and then just casually put her head collar on and walked her round the yard on a long rope and Gracie just completely relaxed and plodded along beside Wendy very  calmly and  placidly , it  was  extraordinary to watch.
Wendy has visited Gracie three times in all and we are now fully able to handle the mare. We have had her feet trimmed (as previously she would not let the Farrier near her).  We have been able to have her back treated by a horse osteopath ( whereas previously we could not even put a brush on her back),
We are now able to walk into the field and catch Gracie and take her away from
the other horses. She does not fret , she no longer wears her ears back on her head, she is generally now  a very  happy girl.,
Somerset UK
Posted 17th November 2015 by Wendy Datta.
Photograph of Gracie
after a healing and communication session with Wendy
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