The Peacock

The Peacock, Pavo Cristatus, is a most beautiful and magnificent bird , a creature of  the mystical and of legend.

The male peacock has the famed and resplendent tail which attracts its mate and deters predators. The female is the peahen.The peacock is considered to be one of the most revered birds of India, and is its national bird.

The Peacock is omnivorous, feeding on both plant and animals it is capable of killing reptiles and is also loyal and protective of its homestead.

There is much reference to it in Hindu culture and religion. The peacock is the mount of the Lord Karthikeya, the God of war.


The “Peacock Throne” was built in Dehli India comprising of gold and jewels with steps leading up to it, and was commissioned by Shah Jahan one of the greatest Moghal Emperor’s of India in the 17th Century .

Shah Jahan ruled in what  was considered the Golden Age of the Moghal Emperors.

The photograph of the peacock  above is by Ethine Conlin, and is of a peacock which was rescued and now lives in peace and contentment at my friend’s Farm which you heard about in the first newsletter “How Does Your Garden Grow.”

Stuart Wilde speaks of the “ Beauty of Gaia and the digital fractal geometries and stunning arrays of colour” in “The Tears Of Gaia the amazing and  seminal video by Stuart about nature and humanity.

We also include Mrs.Peahen with her adopted rescued moorhen chicks, she is very protective of them and they follow her about everywhere.






The Peacock Written By Wendy Datta:

Posted On 21st May2014

Peacock photograph Ethine Conlin

Peahen photograph by Wendy Datta

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