The Owl

Dear Readers,

when I entered a local pet shop recently looking straight at me was

a magnificent European Eagle Owl, his owner dressed as a “cat”

with a painted face with whiskers.

“The Owl and the Pussy Cat.” We will be hearing more about

 animal face painting soon, children seem to have fun with it at times.


The shop was kindly raising funds for the Cat Protection League and a Grey Hound Rescue Charity.

The owl  featured here is a rescue bird.

Owls should not be kept as pets normally and enjoy a wild free life.


However some wild life animals due to human intervention and ignorance

 e.g. stealing them from the wild/trading them etc,

  some cannot be released back into the wild and are given sanctuary.


I heard about the owl awhile back but was not sure when we would meet.

We see the owl in some way linked to the Animals and Nature Course at



 The owl here was very keen to connect as can be seen.

 His owner is very knowledgeable and caring of him for many years.

 She was surprised how he began to pose for us.


The message was one of being authentic.

Deep bonds can form  between respectful humans and the animals,

its not something one can demand as of right or push for,

the animals decide for themselves.


    Eagle Owls are the largest owls , they are fierce and powerful feeding on small mammals though they can catch foxes ,small deer and reptiles..


Metaphysically the owl is linked to wisdom, vision etc it can see

through illusion and deceit.


The owl was a mascot of the goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom,

courage, inspiration law and justice.

Slow to anger and calm in temperament , though also known

as a goddess of war.

Athena was revered as only fighting for just reasons and for a purpose .


 There is power in peacefulness , turning away way from orchestrations of

control and confusion many things in these times which Stuart Wilde

told us about.


In his book “Grace Gaia And The End Of Days”

Stuart told us that Gaia the self-correcting intelligence of the

planet would reclaim the Earth on behalf of the animals, nature

and the little chidren- “The Renewal”


Each and every person can hold steady and express their

goodness in simple quiet ways, a warmth, a smile,

kind words the power of  play ,fun  and  laughter

where they feel to. The resolution of our own shadow

is key not a falseness or a nip and tuck .


Owlfirst connection-001

2016-04-30 15.32.34


In all the photos collectively

and individually what do you feel the owl is communicating?


Like the owl perception is important, our intuitive feelings for example

not opinion and with perception can come a grace to help us go

the other way to softness, like the river’s way.



2016-04-30 15.31.542016-04-30 15.31.47 - Copy





Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 26th June 2016

Copyright Wendy Datta

All rights reserved.