Pegasus Podcasts:Insights:The Nature Of Sound-A Perspective

The Nature Of Sound – A Perspective

Dear Reader, we are excited about the Pegasus Podcasts series because we get a chance to learn from our guests. This episode is on the nature of sound.

Thanks so much for the kind feedback. People say it’s a refreshing change.

Those  of you on The Alliance With Gaia-the  animals, nature and self healing course (see; will have heard the wonderful music of accomplished  musicians and sound healers Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino.

You can discover more about them on their website Sound Transformations.

Now we  have  the opportunity to learn  more as  they  join Wendy for:

“The  Nature Of  Sound: A Perspective” .

You may also like to join in with us for the fun toning exercises at the end.

Posted by Wendy Datta  17th July 2018

Photograph  of  Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino

© Michael Oriston  & Candida Valentino

© Wendy Datta All rights  reserved


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