The Heralds

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this post “The  Heralds” is the  narration of a  healing  journey  woven with music- (  see at the  end of the post)

Its very much linked with Saint  George.

We love the picture of Saint  George here.

Yes, some of you may have seen it in on the blog last year.
Saint George is a timeless energy, inspirational and
a metaphysical icon for valour and virtue.

The  music  for The Heralds is by Michael  Ormiston  and Candida  Valentino
and is performed by  them.

We very much like their beautiful  music, dedication and virtuosity.

“The  Heralds is a vision of healing I had awhile back.
Now seems the time to share it.

The  narration and music  takes one on a healing journey.

I  hope  you like  it.

Instruments : Conch Shells, e-bowed zither, Turkish Ney, Gong Tongue Drum, Waterphone, Shaman Drum, Undertone and Overtone singing, Rainbow Gongs, Indian Shawms, Harmonic Choir, Singing Bowls, Esraj (Indian bowed instrument), Husuli (Yunan Reed Flute), Jews-harp and percussion.

You can only buy Michael & Candida’s CDs direct from them.
Contact and visit
for more information.

Also  some of you already have my meditation “The Peace Key” with music by them

if  you  would like the meditation please email me for details, people have found it very helpful

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Written by Wendy Datta

Posted by Wendy Datta
22nd April 2019

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