The Hawk



Hawk is the general term used to describe the entire group of predatory birds that are active during daylight. Also called the Falconiformes or Raptors, there are hundreds of species ranging in size from say a 4 ounce Kestrel to a fully fledged Bald Eagle 50 times that weight.

The female hawk is much larger than the male and they have partnerships for life.
Hawks are very powerful birds as well as super-swift flyers full of stamina.
Their hearing is excellent yet it is the acuity and power of their vision which sets them apart not only amongst birds, but of the entire animal kingdom.
8 times more acute than human eyesight it is said that a Hawk is able to see its prey a mile away!

With these attributes in the physical world, it may come as no surprise that the mighty Hawk represents a reflection of these beautiful powers in the inner worlds as well.

This translates into wisdom that people can learn from and use in everyday life.
The inner world wisdoms that can be shown however, are far greater and deeper
than what can be put into words, and they can be person specific too,
so one must always see for themselves what is shown by the Hawk when they appear
in dreams or visions.

Fundamentally though, just like things do in the physical, Hawks have certain main
attributes in the inner worlds that we can mention and work to align to.
For instance, the Hawk says ‘to look’, and to have ‘a birds eye view’ on things. Hawk
shows us the deeper aspects of vision and clarity, bringing the message to ‘hone in’
and observe life with a keen focus. The Hawk also says to ‘be vigilant’ and have an
acute awareness of the surroundings by sensing and feeling things in a way that is
detached from programmed opinions and the worlds disquiet.
The Hawk is therefore a Visionary, able to read energy and gather uncluttered
information and realizations about life.
With this wisdom, the Hawk has the spiritual responsibility of being a protector of

The Hawk is a Guardian as well, and with their unwavering loyalty they serve the
cause of Truth, Goodness, and Right Action.
To learn from the energy of the Hawk then, we can do our best not to react and emote
with the situations that present themselves to us in life, and instead remain calm, still,
and alert -sensing and observing life with caution where required, yet detached from
our opinions and emotions.

So, if one happens to meet the mighty Hawk, we must remember to be reverent
and to look at life unobscured by worry and intellect, so that we may understand our
insights and act upon them diligently, to bring about change for the better.
Of course, one can always call the energy of Hawk in as well, to help get a better view
on things.

A way to align to the wisdom of the Hawk is to put your feelings into the bird when
you see one out in nature… and soar with them.
Also, one can tune into the energy of the Hawk in meditation or simply by finding a
feather, reading facts about their way, or looking at images and videos – all of which
can help us to connect with this magnificent bird of prey.


Written By Gavin,

Posted July 4th 2014  © Wendy Datta 2014 All Rights Reserved