The Bridge:New Horizons

Dear  Reader,

as  you  know a bridge  is  structure which  enables one  to pass over  an obstacle,  it  could be water ,a  valley

a ravine  for  example. It’s  a pathway, the  May “New Horizons ” workshop was  offered  before the path was closed.

We  enjoyed the  May workshop which  people described  as  being  a  mystical and joyful event.




We  were  able  to perceive  things in different  ways, we  experienced  new horizons.

Qualities  of  tenacity, endurance, patience nurturing , discovery,observations  including  of  shadow manifestations  challenges  fun, softness and  acceptance were all part of  our journey and more…

As  well as  our  human  guides, the  horses, and  other animals including the  lark , early morning  mists,rain  and  sunshine  taught us things  about  ourselves and  we enjoyed  one another’s company.

Thank  you for sharing everyone.


Here’s what  people have  said:

“It’s been a pleasure as always, so many things have revealed an incredible journey”
“The horse venue was a great
place, the horses beautiful”
Fantastic experience loved it… loved the meditation the first venue
was a mystical place.”


“Enjoyed the meditation and the experience of meditation
within the group and with sound,
it was focusing and joyful.”
“Loved the horses .interesting to perceive the unseen surroundings.”
” Thank you…We must have more workshops, Wendy -if you are up for it”




Written by Wendy Datta


Posted  15th July 2018

Copyright  Wendy Datta

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