Healing Tales & Bards

I was recently invited to give a talk at a centuries old tavern in Glastonbury by a gentle man named Oak .

A group of us went along to the moot and the people who were there were open and friendly.

The talk was about Nature, Energy Work And Animal Communication the theme of a recent workshop.  We will be offering another workshop soon from the 16th-18th October 2015 called “Communication And Connectivity”


After the talk at the Inn ,there were songs and poetry- Bards.

A Bard is a poet traditionally one who recites verse, epics linked with a particular oral tradition. Bards were engaged in mediaeval times to compose in honour of their Patron, a Monarch or aristocrat for example.

If they did not get paid the full amount then satires could be composed instead.

Bards exist in many cultures another word could be a minstrel . William Shakespeare has been known as” The Bard” or “The Bard Of Avon”.

There are various bards for example from the Celtic tradition and its wonderful to hear and see people perform both ancient and modern ballads and verses.


Oak and a Druid Poetess named “Cat” Catherine Watling who was also at the moot have kindly shared some of their published work here for us on the pegasus-animal-healing.com Blog.


The true way of the ancient wisdoms is to have a deep reverence for nature it comes when people stop judging and defining everything and open their hearts to softness and empathy.

One of the songs Oak sang was a centuries old Celtic ballad  called the “Ballad of Tam Lin ” from the Scottish Borders.

The story is seemingly a bit of an eerie fairy tale,  yet carries with it a message of the faith and purity of true love overcoming  evil,a triumph of the forces of light over the darkness.

We need faith in ourselves, self acceptance and humility abandoning control trips . Love is not confined to a romantic model it is much more  profound, it manifests in many ways, in ways of service and of caring  it is the cohesive force in the Universe.


Here is Oak singing:







You may wish to find out more of the origin of the Ballad. of Tam Lin



Here is  a poem that  Cat Watling has written:


I have been the meeting of souls:

one step on the ancestral journey.

I have been spirit, without form,

a single cell, invisible to the eye,

a thought, a dream,

a whisper, a name.

I have been unity and separation,

the trackless desert,

the uncharted ocean.

My heart has beaten with the heart of the tribe.

I have blazed with the heat of Solstice fire.

I have been winter’s chill,

locked outside the door.

I have been a drifting boat,

severed from its anchor.

I have been the broken mirror,

the overturned chalice,

the lost elixir.

I have been every star in the dome of night,

every spark in a dance of light,

the pipe of peace,

the whetted knife.

I have been the running tide,

the storm-torn cloud,

the darkening sky.

I have been the cry of the wind,

one grain of sand, amongst millions.

I have walked alone on the twilight shore,

and in knowing I was nothing, become all.

   the  poem above is the Copyright  H. Catherine Watling


Posted by Wendy Datta

23rd August 2015

All rights of reserved