Harmony , Butterflies And Sweet Peas



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Dear Readers,

family, community ,friends  animals and nature, are those things which are important and

can help us  evolve.

Align to harmony and good feelings. giving and  receiving are both connected.

Many of us really like Sweet Peas- yes the humble Sweet Pea – Pisum  sativum

its colours are so vibrant its fragrance so delicate.


Gregor Mendel  the 19th Century Austrian Friar  referred to as the “Father of Genetics” worked in his monastery

garden and discovered operationally genes by a series of experiments using sweet peas .

In 1866  he wrote “The Principles  Of Heredity”.  He was able to demonstrate dominant and recessive traits by his breeding experiments which did not involve cruelty.

In  this 21st  Century as we are told the clock strikes 13 for awhile..we remember a respect for nature and the animals.

Sweetness,not fear ,  silence, softness not conflict it is our duty to embrace our darkness heal it understand it and turn  away from the hatreds and  away from the national karma.  There is absolutely nothing to feel self important about.


“.. in the end all the fascist laws in the world can’t get rid of Gaia, God, family values, community, love and kindness, which become all the stronger in a crisis. The more darkness that surrounds us the more the light comes to elevate us.”

Stuart Wilde also reminded us all that humility is a sign of  sanity,

We remember  Gaia  harmony,  Sweet Peas and Butterflies.


Posted 17th July 2016

Written by Wendy Datta

Photographs by Victoria  and Colm

Copyright  Wendy Datta

All rights reserved.