Sun Lights


Dusk & Dawn Respectively At Uluru Australia

A lady I know almost seems to have wings on her feet, she works hard in her particular occupation and enjoys travel when she can.

In this post is a series of photographs from her.

When we face challenges its important not to let this eclipse our inner light our faith in ourselves  and inner knowing. The darkest day will see the dawn, its focus we need, sometimes caution but not fear and we are best reminding ourselves of this otherwise we would lean too much, or give up.

We do however have to give up the coldness, selfishness and pomposity of the ego .

The spiritual journey is a heroic one as Stuart Wilde told us about.

The sun is inextricably linked to life on Earth, dawn, sunset and midday sun we like to experience these and after decades the “sun lights “never cease to delight and even amaze.People also gather to witness solar eclipses when they occur.

A total solar eclipse takes place when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and casts its shadow on Earth.The darkest point of the eclipse is almost as dark as night.


Total Solar Eclipse Faroe  Islands  21.03.15

Here is what Theresa says about Uluru

“Whilst visiting Australia recently I took the opportunity to visit Uluru and then went onto Kings Canyon, in the Northern Territory. I’d never been to Australia before and it was certainly wonderful  to see and experience nature. From windy beaches with vivid green and blue seas and huge crashing waves to hearing the most exquisite song of the Australian Magpies and Pied Butcherbirds to the vast open space of the outback.

I spent a few days in the outback and first place I visited was Uluru. I booked a few tours to explore the area including visiting Uluru at both sunrise and sunset. Nothing could have prepared me for how vast Uluru and its surrounding landscape is. It really struck me how different Uluru looks minute by minute as the sun rises and sets. The rock constantly changes colour depending on the position of the sun. It varies from deep red, copper and crimson earlier in the day. At sunset it becomes a most vibrant orange.


Dawn Light Uluru


At times the rock looks like it shimmers and glitters in the sunlight. Sometimes it looks grey and hazy. Having a tour around the base of the rock and being able to explore it a little more closely was fascinating. Close up, Uluru appears a different shade of red entirely !

Uluru was an amazing experience and certainly a memorable one.”


Posted 9th April 2015

Written by Theresa


Photographs By Theresa

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