Stuart Wilde’s Many Gifts

Stuart Wilde brought us many gifts, laughter, warmth, healing, wisdoms and teachings. In 2012 he did healings in various countries e.g America, Holland, England ,Ireland , Italy. A good friend to Stuart Ivana assisted Stuart with matters when he was in Italy. In a beautiful place in northern Italy where Stuart did healings Ivana wrote saying . “I still see Stuart seated on a bench in the square humbly and generously talking just like a prophet to whoever wished to have a private chat with him after the healings. 66 people attended then we went out afterwards and had a pizza!!”


Here is a photograph that Stuart asked Ivana to take for him of a statue he very much liked close by to where he did the healings and she says “Just as I took the photo the bird began to fly.

Written By Wendy Datta
Photograph By Ivana

Posted  4th  July 2014

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