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the Bear stands for courage, protection and life .

Brave hearts gather in peace they want to protect the land and the water supply

at Standing Rock U.S. from oil excavation.-“The Black Snake Prophecy “.

The prophecy long ago foretold by  Lakota- Chief Crazy Horse ( c 1842- 1877).

One of  the great.. warrior’s of all time.  He wanted his people to live in peace..

a quality of the brave and noble leaders.

Crazy Horse understood,unity among all living things.

The land in question is the Dakota Sioux Reservation of the First Nation.

“Given”under the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851, which was signed by eight tribes and the U.S. government. Over the last century, Tribes have challenged this Treaty and other such Treaties in court for not being  honoured and their land being taken.

Its a legal matter the protection of rights of parties and although initially a temporary injunction was granted it seems to stop the pipeline, it has at this point been lifted.

Law can give great protection against oppression and tyranny, and can also be

used to impose oppression we have seen this throughout history.

Slavery in the US and other places was legal, then it was abolished, it became illegal,

Women in England at one time were not able to vote ,then the law changed in their favour.

Certain animals have been persecuted and hunted, then laws  have come into to protect them.

Wild buffalo and a symbolic Golden Eagle have appeared at the protest at Standing Rock,

It’s the biggest gathering of First Nation peoples in a 100 years  They are not alone, many people from all backgrounds support them and join them in prayer for the protection of the water ,

It would be a wonderful thing if there could be an honourable mediation process in place halting further suffering and reaching a binding negotiated solution, to protect the water and help both parties with their views respected, find the way together.

Whether this issue is resolved in favour of the Standing Rock Water Protectors or not  the outcome will  it seems affect everyone.

Posted 3rd November 2016

Written by Wendy Datta

Copyright Wendy Datta all rights reserved.