Spring Lamb & Birds :Behold The Beauty Of Gaia


Dear  Reader,

the Spring  Lamb in the featured image is a creature of  beauty

purity  and sweetness.

It’s not  surprising  that  the Lamb  has been linked  to the  Celestial.

The  Lamb does  not seem  helpless to me but  rather has an  intangible  strength and a knowingness

don’t you  feel? just  like the  Cat  and  the  Lion.

The Lamb in  the  featured image is an  ancient rare breed sheep-a North Ronaldsay,

This one  and  others on this  site were never destined for the  food plate, kept for the  joy

of conservation on verdant green pastures.

Humans  as  well as wrecking natural habitats and  causing destruction and  mayhem in

the natural  world  can  be helpful to nature also.

It is so  heart  warming to hear  from people and to observe

harmonious  spaces kept for the  animals instead of  being  polluted or  plundered.

We  hope  you like  this video clip below.


Thank you.






Posted  April 5th 2018

Written by Wendy Datta



All rights  reserved.

Photography Jon Durrant