Saint George

Dear Reader,

as you may know Saint George is a warrior Saint .

Revered for his courage ,

chivalry generosity and humility.

Saint George is a Patron Saint  of England and Georgia.

Georgia is a county which lies  between Eastern Europe

and western Asia.

Saint  George is honoured in many cultures.

His humane and courageous qualities can transcend

cultural  differences.

Authenticity, compassion, humility and courage.

qualities,much needed in these times.

Stuart  Wilde wrote about  Saint  George and the  visions he had .

There are legions of The  Knights of Saint George ,  warriors  of Light .

“Sacred ,Sacred, Holy, Holy ,  Here  Now”

That is the  Prayer of Saint George.

St George’s Day & the Knight’s Prayer

We  Honour  Saint  George this day April 23rd  and  every day.


Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 23rd April 2018

© All rights reserved.