Birds Eye View- Peregrines


Reproduced  by kind permission of the Hawk & Owl Trust


The  Peregrine Falcon,  Falco- peregrinus  is the  swiftest animal  on Earth  ,though wind speeds and the length of the descent will vary in every  situation Peregrines can achieve speeds of over 300 kph  ( 200 mph ) when descending from the sky after their  prey.

Peregrines are hawks and have been  persecuted and illegally  traded  for many years , their eggs stolen from them, by collectors and the young traded on the  falconry market. Fortunately  they are legally protected in  some  regions e.g the UK. Other threats  they face are from the encroachment of humans into their habitats  and pesticides .Peregrines form pair bonds for life and often return to the same nesting site, preferring high cliff top locations.

The male peregrine is smaller than the female often a third smaller which is common in birds of prey.

The Hawk &  Owl Trust is a Charity in England  founded in 1969 , dedicated to conservation work  for birds of prey in the wild,  Part of the Trust’s work is to educate people including  children about these beautiful birds and the need to preserve their habitats.

There is a  shortage of nesting sites for these birds-  and  a food  shortage  all due to human encroachment of the  land. The Trust helps to provide nesting sites and  to conserve the places  where hawks and owls feed, so in turn other wildlife  associated  with the  birds of prey food chain  get to benefit and thrive  e,g field voles, sky larks, dragon flies and grass snakes.

Hawks and owls are carnivorous – obligate meat  eaters top carnivores in the  food chain.Humans are not obligate carnivores.

The  Hawk & Owl Trust  help to create and manage nesting, roosting and feeding habitats; and they carry out practical research; and welcome visitors to  heir wildlife reserves, education centres and outreach projects., Research carried out is not about killing the wild  life or  harming them  for human purposes.

We  can  help wildlife in  practical ways therefore  and by allowing them to”be”allowing them space they will show up if they want to  and possibly connect with us ,we don’t need to bombard them with “messages”, but to develop a respect,  a silence and a reverence for them.





Written by Wendy Datta

Posted  30th  December 2014


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