Remote Clearing Preparation



  (A)  Please send x2 photographs taken within the last 7 days.
        Each photo should be clear of other persons, animals or objects
        like a passport photo is, indoor clothes should be worn, no hats or scarves.                                                
        The first photo should be waist upwards neutral in expression facing the camera,
        please avoid red eye effect. The second photo should be full length head to feet.
         Neutral expression and neutral stance facing the camera.
  (B)   Please provide a concise paragraph about why you seek remote healing.
         Do you have a medical diagnosis, are you on medication?
          Thank You.




   1.  Before your remote healing session, take a shower and place a few  drops of
         good  quality essential oil of lavender on your crown chakra and wrists.
      Unless you are allergic to essential oil of lavender then of course do not use it.


     2.  Make sure you  have completed all chores before your session, e.g shopping
       cleaning, telephone calls, computer usage etc.


     3.  Lay or sit down in a comfortable position alone in a room where you will
        not be disturbed for 1 hour.


     4.   Relax for your session and free your mind of expectations and
      opinions just “be” still and quiet. Make sure you have a glass of spring water
      to drink after your session  .


    5.  Try to keep the time after your session a quiet time, walking in nature.
          resting etc. use your intuition.


    6.  Also if you are not a vegetarian it would be helpful not to eat meat on that
        day or drink alcohol. fish and vegetables are  fine.



         Wendy Datta