Remember Who You Are

Dear Reader,

remember who  you are…

We revere nature connections this  helps  us  to  remember who we are.

Sometimes  we  forget due  to  the pressures  of  life,

yet  what could  be  more important  than  taking  time  out to connect  with  nature.

Time  off of  the  mouse wheel,  the  matrix  attempts  to  impose.

Honour  yourself  by  finding  balance  and  peace where  best  you  can  and  turning  away  from the  disdain  and  disconnect  that  comes  when  people
forget about  nature and  forget  to  honour her.

Smell  the  roses  hear  the  bird song  appreciate  the  trees
feel the softness of the beautiful fawn.

There  are  those who  would  destroy this,  wake  up  and  care  for  nature  and  one  another, the plants, the  animals  the  trees..  Try  weeding  your  lawn, yard  or  drive  manually or  leave  the ” weeds”

birds  feed  on  the insects  and  small mammals, herbivores
graze on plants why use harmful substances it  makes no  sense.

Those  of  you  who  visited  the organic  vineyard  with  me  on  a  Connectivity  &  Communication  workshop
know that abundance  grows there -sumptuous  fruits -without harmful substances.

Each  person  can  make  a  heaven  or  a  hell or  something in between with  their  resonance intentions and  resources.

Heaven is joy  abundance,  peace  beauty  creativity, kindness , the 3 Graces
for example

There  are  so  many  examples in  nature and the  inner worlds.

It’s  a  matter  of  perception and  alignment… regardless  of  the  matrix.
It’s the simple every day acts of kindness and respect which help us all.

See  video  clip  below  “Remember  who  you  are”

Written  by Wendy Datta

Posted  23rd  July  2019

All rights  reserved.