Postcards: Antipodean Cat & Tree Hugger

Dear Reader,
I love to receive  “postcards” don’t you ? and  here  I  share an antipodean one.
It’s  humbling to  hear  from followers  of this  Blog, all nature lovers and  with  respect
for  the  Earth and  Gaia’s children.
In  her “postcard” Christine describes  how  birds  flourish inspite  of  the  family cat,
the  birds simply time share  bathing and  relaxing  when the cat has taken a  cat nap or
gone  walkies  Ha!  Ha!
The  cat is a  tree hugger ,he loves and respects trees and  plants.
A realisation  and  a  celebration  of  our  connection with nature puts this  wise  moggy
  ahead of many sad humans addicted  to their  smart phones, cut  off from nature and  well being.
It’s  never  to late spend  time in  nature and  feel its  softness and  beauty.
At  our  recent  workshop which many described as “mystical” we went  out into the mists high up in an
ancient  and  tranquil place and  experienced  the  peace,”beingness” and  beauty of  nature.
So here  is  what  Christine  says:
“Ever since he was quite small my cat has had a lovely relationship with all of the trees and plants
on the property where he  lives.

He gets quite excited when new trees are planted and he lays by them during the day for hours at a time almost as if he is settling them in to their new home.

As the trees grow he seems to feel a deep connection with them, as if they are his friends.

He does the same thing with even the tiniest plants and they all seem to thrive with his loving care and attention.”


Posted 14th June 2018


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