Postcard: Californian Butterflies

Dear Reader,

a friend of mine sent me  a  “Postcard”-Californian Butterflies.

A post card, sent  from a sun drenched  garden in north America aka “The Royal Gardens” for it hosts

magnificent  humming birds  and  nurtures  splendid  creatures.

I  am  like  many people  collecting postcards from different parts  of the  world.

Butterflies  are an increasingly rare  sight and  it’s  magical to see their  beauty and  symmetry.

From  humble  caterpillar to chrysalis  I  spy the majestic ephemeral butterfly.

Egg, larva (  caterpillar) pupa (chrysalis)  adult these  are the the life  cycle phases of the butterfly.

Thank you so much Joseph for these  lovely photos.









As  we conclude  this  post  we  feel to include the  video clip of  butterflies in England last  year.

There  is  a lot of  connectivity on this Blog  which we hope you enjoy and feel part of.



Posted 15th June 2018

Written by Wendy Datta

All rights reserved.