Post Cards

Dear Readers,

many of us like to receive post cards from our friends when they go on holiday
or somewhere of interest, photos of pets and fun times are also”postcards”

Great authors have written of  these world times., predictions ,allegories etc. To turn one’s back on division and hatred even when its orchestrated and all around takes courage and humility.Hate  leads to fear and  fear leads to hate and love vanquishes all, love leads to love leads to love.

The coming together of elves, men, dwarves and hobbits to defeat the common enemy of darkness,  fat control and division is portrayed in the book” Lord Of The Rings” by JR Tolkein.

The Battle Of Helms Deep shows us the beginning of unity, unity amongst different Beings who put aside historical grievances , accept one another  as individuals brothers and sisters and live in the now

The Celestial Light ultimately clears away the darkness and has it not been foretold that a new dawn of freedom, light and goodness will one day be ushered in and that is guaranteed.




Here is a post card for us  from Theresa

“I recently visited Canada for the first time and travelled to Nova Scotia, Quebec and Toronto. I’ve always loved waterfalls and was very much looking forward to seeing Niagara Falls. I took a bus trip that visited a number of places in and around the falls. It was a busy day when I went there with many other tourists there making the most of the very warm weather.
Two highlights of the Niagara tour were the boat trip that journeys very near to the falls and also the visit through the tunnels behind the falls themselves. The water constantly thunders just a few feet away from a barrier near the exit to the tunnel. The end of the tunnel looked like a mystical doorway where the water flows and swils in front of you like fog. It feels like you could walk right through that doorway. The sound of the water is deafening and exhilarating; the mist rising from the falls is constant as the high volume of water crashing over the falls hits the river below. There were many sea birds flying around, nesting on the rocks around the falls and diving into the river below the falls. The birds skillfully take off and land on the choppy water.
I found being around the falls very peaceful. It might sound strange to say that as Niagara is very much a tourist place and is very busy during the peak holiday season.  The sound of the water is constant. I was grateful for a hotel room that overlooked the falls. At night, I opened my patio door and went to sleep hearing the sound of the water. Niagara will live long in my memory. A breathtaking place.”


Theresa UK


Written  by Wendy Datta


Posted 5th October 2016

Photos and post card from Niagra Falls  by Theresa

Copyright Wendy Datta