Post Card


Dear Reader,

we hope you like this”Post Card! the particular British Bull Dog
in the picture below loves to be at the seaside with his human family.

A Kind dog, strong, fun loving, and tenacious, much needed

qualities in these times.

The seaside photo was taken on a day trip to the coast.

The picture makes us giggle, oh for laughter and healthy fun!

Its important to take time out even if just for a day.
Days out away from routine can be restorative.

Workshops can also help us re charge and learn new things.
It does take motivation and also courage just like the bull dog

sprinting across the rugged terrain of our times to grow.

We look look forward to meeting those of you prepared and able to sprint
across in these times  for the  autumn  Pegasus Healing workshop,

the tenacious ones.





Written by Wendy Datta
Posted 15th July 2017

Photograph by Jacek & Elizabeth


All  respective rights reserved.