Play Time


Dear Readers,

play is important for children, and young animals e.g mammals

and fun for  adults  too provided its respectful  and  non infringing.

Over seriousness can be deadly, the cold trajectory of the intellect.

We know play time is very important for children it enhances well being on all levels and

helps with both verbal and non- verbal communication.

Play helps understanding the feelings and cues of peers, caring and sharing.

Those cues don’t have to be verbal and it seems sad that a small child  5 or

under would have to ask at kindergarten

permission to hug another child  a pal if they felt to in their heart

and sensed a cue to do so.

For thousands of years fortunate children have been allowed to play

without spontaneous expressions of love and joy being suppressed.

We are not talking about bullying or abuse we are talking about play, fun.

Learning boundaries through perception and caring adult supervision.



Its interesting how Stuart Wilde said Gaia would reclaim the Earth

for the animals and the children.


Children can teach us many things, they are like flowers

in a garden to be nurtured and cared for, not stamped into arid conformity.


Social models change throughout the ages.

Loving kindness, respect, joy spontaneity are the birthright of  us all.


Animals  play and its a sign of their well being. Mammals for example practise

agility and survival skills in a safe environment..



Light heartedness and harmless fun is good for us all.

Badgers belong to  the family Mustelidae ,they remind one of little bears .

Its wonderful to see them play.

A symbol of nature and wildlife these fascinating creatures suffer from the

encroachment of humanity like many other animal species.

Badgers do have legislative protection in the UK  from e.g snaring and dog baiting , however it

does go on and badgers suffer.


Badgers are viewed by some to be responsible  for the spread of bovine

tuberculosis a disease of cattle.

The opposing view is that  badgers are innocent of the allegation.

This means that a vaccination program instead of culls would be an unnecessary

and  potentially harmful infringement upon the wild  life from this view.

Culling,vaccinating or leaving alone and modifying farm practices

are the spectrum of views a complex interplay of factors.

The Badger Trust and for example the North East Essex Badger

Group are doing their best to educate

people about badgers.!can-the-cull/ywdjj

Though now free of predators, wolves for example are extinct in Britain,

the badger population is limited by availability of food and habitat.. its all about balance.

Humans by their sheer numbers, activities and presence are those which affect ecological balance.

Being overly serious and sanctimonious about things does not help.

Lets remember and preserve good things, laughter , empathy, kindness,

respect, play time.


There is much we can  learn from the animals as well as from

one another and our impact on the natural world.

Thank you to all of those who help bring respect ,awareness and understanding

about the natural world .


Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 14th  August 2016

Photograph reproduced by

kind permission  of the Badgers Trust

Video filmed by JD Video

Copyright Wendy Datta

All rights  reserved.