Peaceful Times


Happy New Year everyone.The animals teach us many things, the cockerels you see in the main photo here were  found dumped in a ditch as chicks and brought to my friend where they were given sanctuary.

The  birds are inseparable and run around together freely. Sometimes they visit the sheep enclosure for a get together with those animals.They are also pals with Mr. Peacock, himself a rescue bird. There is peace and acceptance .



Banish the cock fights and other violent and covert abuses of animals we say , leave the animals alone and resolve to find inner peace and atonement if you have a care to now, this year.

Enough said , New Year’s Resolutions can be for many things though we can make resolutions at any time .  It can be a challenge for us all to tackle what we need to change about ourselves. Acceptance of our own shortcomings is the first impetus to change ,none of us are perfect.  We know how good it feels and also how peaceful when we  have triumphed  over ourselves,our own weaknesses  and  the meaningless but seemingly “safe” routines  .We feel peace when we have  tidied closets , cleaned up and achieved  goals and  done some thing new that we have made excuses in the past not to achieve, however small.

As the global shadow emerges more and more we will be grateful for the clarity of the teachings that Stuart Wilde  set in place and for the wisdoms of the Hooded Sage Disciplines – the Tolemac Honour Code which Khris Krepcik  wrote  and  Stuart  asked  khris  to  teach.

Each person can if they wish develop their energy and it requires a tenacity of spirit  for there are many challenges. It reminds me of a child learning to walk, the child falls but gets up and keeps going  eventually the child can walk without hesitation.

Khris Krepcik  gives us simple  practical techniques for getting out of the mental mire . His writing is called ” New Year’s Revolutions”.

Written by Wendy Datta

Posted  1st January 2015

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