Owl Guide


We like the owl guide, the owl represents the quality of “seeing” in the dark

Things come to light

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything

secret that will not be known and come to light.”

(Luke 8;17 English Standard  Version.)

We are  certainly living  in fast moving  times and  each  person  must  take  responsibility

for  their  own alignment growth and  development .

The  owl sees  all , best known for being able to see in the dark.

As a guide the owl  it  is  said  can help you  perceive

beyond the veil of deception and illusion; it helps perceive what’s kept hidden.

The owl  symbolizes the ability to  see through illusions and find  the real meaning.

The  owl in the featured image looks amongst many things very discerning…

we  don’t  always get it  right and sometimes there is a reason

other than the obvious for this.

The owl picture is by a very talented lady Romana Sperska


Is there anything else about the owl  picture you can sense or feel?


I like many people  have , always liked  Tolkein’s  Lord of The Rings an epic tale of the victory

of the forces of  light. The Fellowship endured hardship

and  mustered great  courage and  endurance in the face of  darkness and

what seemed like overwhelming  odds.

The warmth  and  courage  of the Fellowship meant  that  they were never overwhelmed

it  was not a numbers game it was of  resonance. “Simple  acts of  kindness and  love”

Everyone   helped  by selfless service when  the faced  with  what seemed

overwhelming  force, treachery and  darkness, .

As one the birds, the  trees,the elements, the  dwarves, humankind, hobbits , the elves,

Radagast The  Brown, Galadriel, Gandalf  The  Grey and  all that he and

his  true  allies, the  pure of  heart  stood for.. It’s not about  perfection and  smugness, it’s  warmth

for example, humility, empathy and  a care   for  humanity , the  animals and  our connection to nature.



Written by Wendy Datta

Posted March 8th 2018

Owl picture reproduced  by

kind permission of  Romana Sperska

All respective  rights  reserved.