Of Light And Lanterns


I  have always  found natural  light  on water-

rivers  and  the sea very  beautiful,  sunlight,

moonlight  starlight, like lanterns.

“Lanterns” is  the  name  of  a recent  audio from Pegasus  Healing.

Some  years  ago  I  heard  a  mysterious  gong  in  the  aluna  mirror  world it

evoked   courage and  strength  yet  was  also foreboding.

We  wanted to  unfold  a  mystical  and  deep  healing narration  and

sound  journey.

We  hope  you will enjoy it

Energy healing  sound journeys nature can  help us in  these  times..

The  narration is  by Wendy Datta  and

the  music  is  written  and  performed  by the very  talented

and  acclaimed , virtuoso,  musician Michael  Ormiston.

Michael and his partner Candida Valentino

write  and  perform  amazing  music, using  many  instruments

including  their  voices  and  are very knowledgeable.


This is what  Michael says about  “Lanterns”

Vibrations resonate with a great mystery that can touch our whole being,

the room, the planet and the universe which we inhabit. It is impossible

at the instant of receiving these sounds to intellectualise them.

Just accept the moment and let go knowing that

this music has been composed to help all sentient beings.

You will hear me play Symphonic Gongs both prepared and pure,

A Peace Bell, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Mongolian Khöömii Singing

, Undertone Chanting,

Mongolian Morin Khuur (Horse Head Fiddle),

Kyrgyz Kil-Kyiak Fiddle,

Mongolian Yatag Zither, Ting-Shaw, Tibetan Cymbals,

Serpentine Ocarina (made by the late John Taylor),

Turkish Sipsi (reed clarinet),

Daraduka (Turkish Goblet drum),

Frame drum and Wind Chimes.”


People are  enjoying  “Lanterns”

narration and  sound  healing  journey.

“Lanterns contains musical instruments not commonly used

 as well as uncommon singing (I have never

heard the likes of it before). There is a lesson in the narration,
which ends with an uplifting message.
On a metaphysical level, some things are
obvious from listening to it.
. Sounds have colors, as well as shapes; they can not only be
heard but seen and felt. The different tones, from the singing as
well as the instruments, alter the feelings and moods of the listener.  
I have listened to it four times now, each time was a unique and
pleasant experience. Each time released different things inside of me.

Thank you for creating it and sharing it with us”

Joseph, CA

Listening to Lanterns the other night,

I saw a vast space opening up,

like a multi-dimensional portal

 with the most amazing colours and codes

constantly swirling and changing 

The portal opened into something deeper

than I’ve previously experienced – ancient, mystical

I felt my etheric body more than my physical

. Whilst surrounded by the codes and colours in the portal,

I felt a healing – very grateful for “

Monica- London


“I love your words and can totally relate to them,

They are resonating deeply within me.

I like the feminine and masculine sounds.

In some parts it’s taking me through the Universe

with Om and Ka.

In others parts it takes me to ancient and

mystical places around the would.

Thank you so much for this meditation.”

Susanne- Denmark

 “.The emotions accompanying were quire mixed… from sadness, happiness (with goose bumps) ..very gripping and soothing for the mind and heart, reconciliation of  feelings with the  Earth and all her inhabitants, definitely an intense feeling of connection to everything.

Thank you Wendy, from all my heart.”

Viv UK

Thank you for the meditation “Lanterns”.
I’ve been using it the past week and it takes me deeper and deeper within my meditations.
I really enjoy the different instruments, it takes me to far away places, I feel myself returning slowly back.
Your words resonate deeply. I really enjoy the lantern meditation and look forward to my meditations within the sound and healing journey.
This past week has brought up a few things for me for healing. Especially in these times we are experiencing, the mediation is a wonderful healing haven.
It’s quite a powerful meditation. The sounds are strange but familiar at the same time.

There are many trip codes, within your words and the sounds of the instruments. They feel like keys unlocking within, on a deeper level.

It has helped a lot in these times.”

Silvana Australia


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Posted June 14th 2020

Written  by  Wendy Datta

All  rights reserved