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Dear Readers,

alpacas are often  referred to as”Fox Guards” the reason is because

they will defend against foxes because foxes can take away

baby alpacas “crias” as food.

A herd of alpacas will chase a fox and if it is unfortunate enough to

be cornered it will be trampled to death.

Farmers sometimes keep alpacas to protect sheep and chickens they keep.

The more we become aware of the need to respect, recognize and appreciate

the natural world the better it is for all including the animals, its to do with the

with the expansion of consciousness and awareness.

When we have our Pegasus Healing workshops we learn from the keepers

and the animals. The animals we encounter are not “trained” for workshops

its free flow situation with no one infringing.


“Wendy connected very well with our alpacas, especially with one of the herd matriarchs who is usually very reticent about approaching people. Wendy also gave some very helpful guidance on how to work with one of our girls who is slightly difficult to handle during husbandry tasks. I found my time spent with Wendy and our alpacas very relaxing and I’m sure the alpacas did so too!”
Jo. M.   BSc.(Animal Science)
West  Of England Alpaca Owner





Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 12th November 2016

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