The Monkey Wrench


The words “Monkey Wrench” kept repeating in my mind, last December ,I knew it was a tool. I asked a friend of  mine who works in construction what  a”Monkey Wrench is used for.

He  said this:

 “The monkey wrench was originally used for repair work on steam locomotives in the U.S .by mobile mechanics. The earliest ones dating back to the 1850 ‘s . It was favoured by the travelling mechanics as the jaws of the wrench could be adjusted via a threaded screw to fit nuts and bolts of various sizes in the field. This enabled the mechanic to carry a lighter tool bag as he no longer needed to carry a wrench of every size to undertake his work. Thus the adjustable wrench was born and is still used to this day by a wide variety of tradesmen and the” adjustable wrench “(  the American  term ) or “adjustable spanner” (English term ) has become an essential part of a tradesman’s tool kit. The term “monkey wrench ” is no longer used in the UK today to refer to this tool and hasn’t been since the 1970’s in the plumbing industry.”

A couple of months earlier  to the words”monkey wrench” repeating in my mind , I had  seen macaque monkeys in 3D. One came close  after  being seemingly oblivious . He then gave a long  silent scream emitting both anger and fear the  monkey scream seemed  to reverberate throughout  eternity and  was disproportionate to his” local” circumstances..He was still and persistent in showing his face and  communicating  this .The particular circumstances of his  captivity were not too bad, though clearly not desirable .

 There is a non locality of the universe , metaphysics and quantum physics are linked and there is scientific evidence about the interconnectivity of particles of light ,( photons)  interacting /communicating instantaneously over distance. Connectivity is not distance dependant.

Both curious and  also ignorant  of the plight of  the monkeys , I decided to find out more about macaques and other- non human primates and what would  cause them so much fear and pain.


  Visions of  monkeys, mostly macaques also of baboons , were seen imprisoned and suffering .The monkeys are very clever an articulate, just as they are  in 3D. The pain of the animals is great and we can feel and sense it .

However we can’t dwell on it in a negative way, nor raise  the cudgel of indignation about  the disdain and delusions of humanity for Gaia and  her Children. We need to work on our own shortcomings, the  work in progress,  the Three Graces . Tenderness, Generosity and Respect there is peace  in that. Gaia is a force  far greater than humanity . We need to be humble and  authentic for nothing is ever hidden.

  Just after Christmas I received  a pop up on the internet about a monkey rescue  1,300- 1,400  monkeys to be  saved from  a notorious monkey breeding farm in Israel .The “Farm” was notorious because it was known about  and objected to by caring humans.  Imported wild captured monkeys from Mauritius were bred  from and their off spring exported  to  laboratories overseas  for  entirely legal multifarious uses .

The law has now changed  in Israel in favour of the monkeys from  January  15th 2015  they can no longer be exported .

I had never heard of Ady Gil or Ady Gil World  Conservation or  the organization “Monkey Rescue” in Israel.  Ady , a former business man dug deep  in to his pockets  and paid $ 2, 000,000 USD saving 1,400 monkeys in December 2014  from such export in association with “Monkey Rescue”. in Israel. The monkeys  saved  by Ady would have  been the last  stock  cargo to be exported  before the new protective legislation came in to force.  There is much gratitude for all of this restorative work and to Ady Gil,

Its interesting how so many different people peacefully , can work together for compassionate and humane purposes. The 3 Graces in action  Tenderness, Generosity  and Respect.


If  you wish to find out more

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Tail Note- Monkeys are not suitable as pets, they enjoy their own wild  lives with their families and  social  group.


Monkey Photographs

Reproduced by

kind permission Of Ady Gil

“The Monkey Wrench”

Written By Wendy Datta


© Wendy Datta 2015 All Rights Reserved

Posted  4th February 2015